FINALLY come back! xD


i really can't believe... i can finally, being free from the horrible FINAL EXAM. oh really, i'm gonna cryy.. aaaaaahhhhhh TT~TT i'm sooo happy to touch my computer again, to draw again, to watch anime again, to gathered and play with my friends again, aanndddd to refreshing of course.

today, is our last-final exam-day. UN HAS GONE NOW. sayonaraaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~!

ehehe well i'm just announcing you, i've completing 1 chapter of my own MANGA! (Manga=Japanese Comic) i will make sure to post it here as soon as possible.

yahh akhirnyaaa yaaa >3< karena besok udah mulai libur, aku punya beberapa agenda yg pengen aku lakuinn~

besok aku mau beli cash buat Ayodance. yeaahh i'm back to that game!
tapii paginya aku mau jogging dulu. harus olahraga donggs~
dannn aku mau lanjutin manga chapter 2 ku, masih 2 page coba.. =__=
daaaaaan yang terakhir, selama liburan ini, aku pasti bakal aktif nge blog lagi XD

so just wait for my next posts. sure you would love something i wanna share for you. what is it? still a secret sorryy~

well enough already. i'm going to watch Brother Conflict tonight. they are waiting fo meeeh! x3
see ya~

^Natsume being attacked by Juli [BroCon series]

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