Finally I released my original manga!

as i told you before, i've finished my original manga!
you know, it took a long time just to finished 1 chapter -___- actually it should've done just a few days, but i... i'm LAZY. HAHAHA. #skip

well then, here it is........
^ this is my manga's cover. how is it?? xD

Chisa Morikawa is just an ordinary girl at first. But after she got trapped in a snow storm and almost die, someone saved her life. Something's wrong after she woke up. Suddenly the guy who saved her life told her that she has a 'Frozen Heart'. What is actually happening to Chisa? and.. who is the guy who made her 'Frozen Heart' ? 

SO. are you interested? you can read it more HERE

i will post the character soon, because i haven't done touch up the character series. be patience please :)

Oh! i remind you, all of the text on my manga is my handwritten, so i apologize if you can't read it pretty well. if you wanna read it clearly, you can open the image in new tab then zoom it :D

and, i made this manga based on my imagination, and the characters here is original my own. I only use pencil to draw my manga, then i made the last touch in computer to make them clearly and good to be read.

i used english language in my manga, so sorry if i made a mistake in grammar, though i'm not really good at english and i'm still learning. so it would be good if you can critic or correcting my bad english. just tell me if i made a mistakes, i would appreciate it ;)

well then! go ahead and read my Frozen Heart♥ 

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