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Hello there!
My real name is Fadhilah Bilqisti. But you can call me Qisti/kisa/qixi/or whatever u want xD
I'm already 20 this year. Blew up my candle on 06 June '98. I'm a Moslem, Indonesian Girl. I once was an online gamer (but already stopped it years ago tehee) and right now i'm more focus for being an artist/designer. oh also i'm a blogger since 2011

Love? i love my family, friends, and him (?) *you shouldn't ask*

I love many things like foods, cheese and chocolate :9 I usually eat chocolate when i'm bored or just gettin' my moods down. and about cheese? i always have the appetite for cheezeee. i love something cute like kawaii stuffs, art tools *what* and something that has pastel colours.

This is weird.. but heck yeah, I was an online gamers xD I once played Audition Ayodance, but then i moved to Touch Online coz something's on the way so i couldn't play Audition game anymore. and.. now i stopped being a gamer for some reason.
SO i moved from a gamer into an artist *or-something-like-tht*. i'm more focus in drawing, watercolor painting, make some short comics and story, fangirling *??* and still, watch anime and read mangas XD

HATE. yeah, hate (¬_¬ ). I hate many things too, like violence, ghosts, and 
DARK. I – really – really – dislike a caterpillar with the way it walks - and a flying cockroach

what else? I hate clown. Not a clown who's wearing The – Winnie – the – pooh – costume or else, but a clown whose face was painted with colorful and weird make up, with their creepy silence and that's enough for making me shivering.

devil anonymous, copycat, hacker, and a crazy stalker. those are the people who didn't have any respects.

Live Life happily
Take a Holiday with Family to Japan, England, France, and Korea.
Be a Rich Girl. NOT WOMAN.
Become Smarter than My FATHER
DSLR Camera Cannon EOS 1100 D
My own Doodles
My own Skins/Blog Template
Photoshop CS3
SAI Tool Paint Full Version
Have a Guitar
100+ BLOG followers
 1000+ IG followers
 Sakura Koi Watercolor set 24 colors
 Canson Aquarelle 300gsm watercolor sketchbook

Second Blog : Qisti's Site.
Facebook : Fadhilah Bilqisti & Kisachi (for gamers)
Twitter : @qistii_
Tumblr : Pastelsfavor
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Email : qbilqisti@yahoo.com & fbilqisti@gmail.com
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Phone Number & PIN BBM : ASK ME!
xoxo, Qisti.

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