Thankyou for clickin' this page session! this is nothing but a miscellaneous and pretty-nothing-stuffs. more about my random posts are lived here. hopefully those stuffies can be useful or interests the readers ..

well, feel free to explore it!

My own novel, not finished yet. but it's my first novel i've made, plus, it's still a noob handwriting. pardon me.

 Invisible Heart :

another stories that can make your heart touches. stories belongs to my friends.

Short stories :

here's some lyrics of my previous blog's songs.

 Lyrics :

FYI, i can photograph :3 maybe it's not pro-enough. i'm still learning about photography. well just check it out! hope you'll interested =]

 Qisti Photography :

these are my artworks. it could be drawings, digital coloring, freebies or craft.

 My Artworks :

Here's some tips and tutorial for helping you. hope it can be useful

Tutorial :

you've entered otaku area. please pay atention
there will be so many cute and fluffy romance here. coz this is an area especially for girls! 

 Cosplay :

 Manga :

 Otome Games :

Walkthrough + CGs :


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