My 4th digital artwork has finished! XD

^ shizuku and haru when they're a kid. so cute! >///<

konbanwa minna sann :>
well umm.. this morning i started sketching and coloring just for less than 1 hour! i can't believe that *v*
this is my 4th digital artwork, anyway.. would you like to see it? :]

here, here! ^o^

right click -> open image in new tab

well yesterday i was reading a pretty cool manga *actually, manga for girls i think* and i got inspired to draw this. it looks like a scene from manga, so i try to draw it with my own characters, chisa and ryuu 

and here it is, the finished one! /?

kyaaaaaaa *blush* ryuu is so cool i think i would falling in love with my own drawings! x(
and so chisa too :3 she's the only one ryuu's falling in love with.

i hope they will get along together foreverr /what is that/ /she's the one who created them/

how is it? =] well if you noticed, i didn't draw any foots, right? that's because...... i can't draw foot... (_ _" )
i love these character very much that's why i would draw them more next time. 

yokatta, it's time to say goodbye. good afternoon everyone! =)
daisuki dayo~ ja nee~ *wave hand*


Ratri Sekar~ said...

CIYEEEE UNYUNYAAA YOU'R SO GOOD SIST:">>> post more~~~ /ikutsokinggris /fail

BiLQistii said...

APAAN BANGET RAT :)))))) aku juga eng fail B)